Do You Know When To Use A Food Scale?

The most important moment to use a scale is when you need to measure the ingredients of a recipe to reproduce it accurately, be it baking or cooking. Many people use scales for healthy diet needs and portion control.

Weighing ingredients is much more accurate than using volumetric measuring cups, even when using liquid and dry measuring tools correctly.

The scales are available in different sizes and weight capacities, with models that can measure down to fractions of a gram. Kitchen scales are usually analog or digital.


Analog scales do not require batteries, have a more familiar style, and are best for approximating weights.


Digital scales are more accurate than analog scales and can be very useful for a complex recipe, such as French macaron, that requires a precise balance of liquid and dry ingredients. They are easier to read and set up (for example when multiple ingredients need to be measured in the same container).

Some scales even have density conversion capabilities, so that you can accurately weigh liquids. Mixologists use this function precisely for their cocktails.

Weight vs. volume

Various factors can result in different amounts when measured by volume, such as a cup of poured loose walnuts, compared to a well-filled cup of walnuts cut into small pieces. That’s why weighing ingredients can make a real difference in the success of your recipe.

Good recipes are consistent . 

If you are a veteran baker, you know how important it is to be consistent in your recipes. Measuring weight is far more consistent than determining volume alone.

Consider the following factors when choosing your balance:

  • For greater precision in small quantities and for greater versatility, choose the electronic or digital scale.
  • For regular kitchen use, a 6-9 Lb capacity scale will suffice for most tasks.
  • If you are only constantly measuring large items, such as roasts, choose the 22 lb scale .
  • If you are measuring ingredients for dietary needs, choose the electronics or diet scale.

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